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Amber Shell 6mm Beaded Bracelet

AncientBrand - AncientBrand, AncientBrand - AncientBrand
AncientBrand - AncientBrand, AncientBrand - AncientBrand
$30.00 USD

Healing - Amber is valuable stone today with amazing healing properties that carry the patience and wisdom of nature. It is very earthy, grounding , nurturing, and protective of our vital life-force with the ability to draw dis-ease out of the subtle body.   It is great for wound healing, tissue repair, and restoration from prolonged illness and pain. 

This is the bracelet you will get when purchasing this listing.

Bracelet Includes:
- 6mm Natural Amber Shell Round Beads
- (1) Sterling Silver Plated Marcasite Bead

**It is made with elastic stretch cord and expands to fit over your hand and snaps back into place for a perfect fit. 6mm beads are very small, lightweight, and pair very well with watches. Although the beads are small in appearance, please do not underestimate their great value. Their construction requires almost twice as much material and time.


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